Dinner with David Wolfe

YouTube – Dinner with David Wolfe.

I got to meet David Wolfe in Sudbury, Ontario and we were served a 5 course Living Dinner from a RAW restaurant in Toronto called Live!

The event was a fund raiser for local literacy but on by the Rotary Club of Sudbury.

Thanks to Pete Paradis of Green Sudbury for the intro video recording/interview.

Thanks to Georges for sharing this evening and this Raw journey with me!

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  1. Genivan

    Thank You Thank You A thousand times Thank You! M, I have been Studying for years, rediang book after book, investing time towards a mission that I knew I was meant to live, and always knowing that A Message Was Coming during a time of change that was going to be seen, applied, and effective in my world.I am so grateful that our worlds cruised side by side for this time. Thanks to the Internet, being able to spend the past 45 mins. with you and David has helped me sharpen the point on my focus and my path. This has been a great journey. Thank you again for sharing some time with me.I had a dream when I was sixteen that during a time of great floods, I would be given a choice to join others on a giant boat to float out the storms with friends and others.In the dream I turned down the ride thinking that being on a boat was the last place I wanted to be during a flood. I watched the water rush in through the doors of the gas station and felt myself drown regretting my choice.Something inside of me is causing this memory to flash before my eyes while listening to your video.I feel a great power leading my actions, guiding me to write this message. M, I live in an abundant, beautiful, and prosperous world and I have to show others how their worlds can be the same.I hope you don’t mind that I have shared all this with you, For I can not stop.Laser sharpened is the point on my direction and it just started to sparkle thanks to last 45mins. with you and David. Thanks for the insight, I am coming aboard to ride out these waves of beauty and abundance and share a giant boat with friends.

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