For all those following my weight release journey…

I have reached a plateau. I’m hovering between 163-168 and been here for a few months. My goal is 150 lbs. I know I nee
d to step up my game (exercise, eat even better) in order to get there. RNY has done all its going to do and now the rest is totally up to me. On Sept 15, I’ll be a year and a half post-op. I’ve released 137 lbs (today’s weight 165). I take my vitamins everyday and my last blood work was perfect (finally).

I feel fabulous and am thrilled to shop for clothing in normal stores. I do have loose saggy skin that I would love to have removed if it becomes an option for me financially especially my arms however saggy skin is far better to deal with than an extra 137 lbs. This has been an amazing, challenging, life altering journey and I have no regrets at all.

I can eat more now. I can eat anything that’s healthy easily. The things I can eat that are not so great Burger King veggie burgers, potato chips and popcorn. Red wine & gin martinis. (I’m eating way too many chips I need to cut those out). I cannot eat more than 2 bites of anything sweet. I cannot drink anything carbonated. I cannot eat more than about 6 bites of something deep fried (except chips for some reason). The sweet stuff will give me dumping syndrome and it hurts really bad so I don’t go there.

I love my life and I am so grateful for all the wonderful amazing supportive people in it. I am grateful for all that I have and all that is to come. I am also grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way.

Thank you all!!
Love & Blessings

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