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I Don’t Support Gay Marriage

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I don’t support GAY marriage or gay rights. Yet I am a grooms maid in the wedding of two amazing, loving, caring males this June.  Why then do I say that I don’t support gay marriage or gay rights??  Because I support freedom of choice and I support human rights.  If we take away the rights of someone based on their sexuality or race or gender or religion or economic status or culture  we are giving permission to remove HUMAN rights.  That is NOT ok.  Every removal of human rights effects us all and puts our own rights at risk. So having to support gay rights should not even be a thing. All people deserve equal rights in all areas of life unless they choose to interfere with the rights of others (ie murders).

I personally love everyone no matter what, sexuality, race, religion or gender.  There are people that are nasty and evil in every category.  So those people I choose to give no energy to.  I share my energy with those who are loving and kind.  They are people. They are not a label.

That being said I have no problem with labels.  Labels help keep us to be organized, they help us to understand, they help us to find each other.  Labels  help us to identify like minded  people and help us to learn about each other and describe our interests.   So If you choose to label me I’m ok with that. However never forget that people are people and we are ALL human beings so we may have many labels to identify different aspect of our lives but we are all more than those labels. I love, honour and respect you unless you have given me a reason not to regardless of your labels. It’s about the person in that case not the label.

So wear your labels proudly but know you are more than them. Know that you matter, that you are important that you are a human being and That I support you and I believe in you!

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  1. Nicolaas Gillingham

    ok while in principle i can agree with some of the things you said (or how i took them on regards to specifically labels). Let me ask you this simple question (more for clarification than anything else) by not supporting gay rights/gay marriage politically and socially then your in effect saying they shouldn’t have these rights?

    Sexual rights (not referring so much to gay/lesbian rights here) have been fought and protested for. Do you think the first women who wanted the right to vote, the right to work said oh we just love everyone and that will change the social and political landscape of civilization? of course they didn’t! same can be said for native rights in Canada and USA and black rights in USA. these rights were fought for socially politically and in many cases physically. (the civil war in USA for black rights is an example)

    Labels are neutral, while they have some effect on society and civilization majority of time they don’t give or take on rights. So Rayvin on this regard you and i disagree.

    1. Rayvin Nyte

      I think you missed my point Nic. I clearly do support gay rights. However by the statement I made I was pointing out that I shouldn’t have to as I support human rights regardless of sex, race, religion etc.

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