I’ve Been Sick for Over a Week!

The last 2-3 week I have not been raw and I was sick (due to a virus) because I was not raw… my body took a long time to fight off the virus and I’ve had no energy. So my house is a disaster. Especially my kitchen. It’s so messy I don’t even know where to start!

Yes I do.. I’ve started by committing back to raw food. As I get a few raw meals in me and start to cleanse out the other junk my energy will rise and my focus will return. And I will regain my health. Then I’ll tackle my kitchen one item at a time. And all of the other projects that I am now behind in will get caught up this week as well.

I’ve also joined the YMCA so I can start working out as well. That will really help me to release some extra weight that I don’t need anymore! I bought a laptop as well. Because most of the work I do is on the computer and this will me I can get out of my office more often and still get stuff done. I can head to the Internet cafĂ© to meet clients.
I can work in bed. I can take a road trip and still work! Ahh the freedom! Now to get a passport!

I hope everyone is doing well on their journeys to Wellness!!!

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  1. Tasos

    You “know me” and I’m pretty ctreain you don’t “like me” but for some reason I found it necessary to first “compliment” you on all your postings & links & info – you’ve helped me a great deal.I’d also like to thank you; I will be going through much of the same with my own home and you’ve been a great source of inspiration but more importantly information. Information that I did not posess until perusing your blog so I thank you for that.Especially kitchens – my tastes run along the same lines as yours so it seems. While I’m back & forth on the “white kitchen” my eyes have been opened to other options.So thank you. And thanks for making your blog a pleasure to read.: )

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