Juice Feasting a New Journey

Juice Feasting Jars
Well I decided to kick my wellness up a notch. On November 1, 2008 I started a 92 day juice feast!  Yes this can be called a juice fast as well.  The difference is the amount of juice is unlimited it’s fresh juiced fruit and veggies and their are some supplements suggested. I’m am getting a wealth of information from Juice Feasting .com It is recommended to drink about 4 quarts of juice a day. More if you are feeling hungry or are really active.

So far my progress is this:
Every day I have started with 1 quart of water, 1 teaspoon MSM, juice of 1/2 lemon.

Day 1 drank 1.5 quarts of juice.  Felt great. No hunger (I was just super busy).
Day 2 drank 2.5 quarts of juice.  Felt great. Had a headache. Napped from 4-6pm.
Day 3 drank 2.5 quarts of juice.  Felt great. Had a headache.
Day 4 …..  That’s today.  Headache is gone. I feel great still.

Happy Feasting. I’d love to hear your comments and experiences. And if you have a raw, vegan or juice feasting blog and you like to post each other’s links please let me know.

Brightest Blessings

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  1. Ados

    here is an example of how to eat a good daily balnace of food.A 1200 kcal Your breakfast might include:•2 slices of whole meal bread with a salad•two slices of whole wheat bread with a glass of skimmed milk-•Omelettes from 2 eggs, devoid of the yolk with a bowl of 100 gm os salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onion and chives. A bowl of cucumber and tomato salad with three teaspoons of oat in 100 ml of milk.•40gm of cottage cheese with a slice of bread•A bowl of fruit salad with low fat yoghurt.Dinner/Lunch•Three spoons of cereals, 150 gm of vegetable and equal amount of salad, with a clear vegetable soup.•30 gm of cereal with vegetables and apple salad.•Baked vegetables, two spoons of pasta with skimmed milk•100 gm of skinned and baked chicken with vegetable salad and a bowl of clear soup.The afternoon tea is accompanied by a glass of orange juice, 100 gms of mashed fruits or vegetable, 2 small baked potatoes2 slices of whole meal bread and pickled cucumber and olive salad. hope it helps

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