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I’m not so good at online dating! Or most men just have no idea how to talk to women.

I had been single for a few months. I was starting to feel lonely and winter was keeping me in so a couple months ago I tried out a dating site (again)… (only lasted a week). Apparently I’m not very good at them. I did get a lot of date offers and I didn’t even go on one date. Here is a brief synapse of my experience. “Guy” is a different one each time and this was not the exact conversations but you get the picture.

Guy: Hey beautiful.
Me: Where’s your pics what are you hiding?
Guy: Hello sexy.
Me: You know POF doesn’t mean Pictures Of dead Fish.
Guy: Hi. I really like your profile.
Me: Hello, I edited your profile, here you go. Good Luck.
Guy: So what are you looking for?
Me: Did you read my profile?
Guy: You’re hot wanna f@ck.
Guy: (perfect profile) Hello, I really like your profile and would like to get to know you better. (Plus more thoughtful stuff)
Me: Um.. dude you live 2000 miles away.
Guy: I like your eyes.
Me: You know I’m friends with your granddaughter right?
Guy: Hey your very sexy , I love older women.
Me: Did you just call me old?
Guy: Hey you are back! Remember me I was here when you came on a few years ago.
Me: You are using the same pics.
Guy: I think we have a lot of common interests.
Me: I’m not interest in “I’ll fill this out later”
Guy: (Profile says married looking to play must be discreet). Hello baby what are you doing tonight.
Me: Not helping you cheat.
Guy: (Super lame profile) Hey Cutie so are you normal?
Me: I’m a Witch.
Guy: You seem really interesting, want to chat?
Me: Apparently you have no interests.
Guy: Hey Rayvin, What’s up?
Me: Hey Buddy lol
Guy: I want you. I made your picture my computer background.
Me: I give up. *hides profile & renews Netflix subscription*

These guys need this book! How to Talk to Women!

Needless to say I’m STILL single and not looking. The right man will find me and he will make sure I know it. He will be crystal clear of his intentions. He will be honest, true and real. He will not leave me wondering if he cares. He will message me every morning and every night so I know he’s thinking of me unless he is with me. He will not be “trying out” a few girls at the same time because I will be the only one he wants. He will follow through with what he says. He will not leave me waiting and wondering. I will give him that same respect. My love is passionate and true. I am honest, loyal and faithful and I expect the same. If I can’t get that I’ll stay single.

Tell me your experiences with online dating.

✿ Rayvin Nyte ✿
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  1. Nicolaas Gillingham

    Now everyone knows that dating weather in the modern age or back in cave man day is difficult, and with modern technology its abit harder and abit easier for the female of the species. I would have to say this to you, It’s far too easy to say: “fuck it and leave it up to the gods.” However I think and I can speak from experience on this little issue that extreme bluntness comes in handy with heavy communication no matter the method the individual uses to “date.” But isn’t that the problem in itself the word “date” society and the sexes put all these expectations good and bad on the experience. We allow ourselves to change or to change others without thought, we are emotional creatures and respond emotionally. the largest problem I find with online dating is relies too much on what our culture has become surface dressing and disposable. Take 3 items in your viewpoint, personality that you aren’t willing to shift and bluntly put that out there in your communications and at the same time keep honest communication with individual when you meet them in person see it worked with Rey and I. Remember to always prevent two things in relationships no matter where you meet 1: not get too comfortable (after they hit the 6 month or longer mark) 2: don’t try to “change” individual to your personal standards beyond the normal mutual respect.
    I met loads and loads of “bitches” both online and offline (traditional methods) and Rey even met more i suspect. Keep your chin up and departmentalize your relationships around you no matter what they are.

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    1. Rayvin Nyte

      This comment is spam but I thought it was hilarious because it’s selling a product used to find actual fish!

  3. Denny

    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  4. Nick M

    I’ll share a brief story of my own experience. In my early 20’s dating meant blowing cash on things like movies in the theatre, going to fancy restaurants etc. That didn’t feel at all very comfortable. I always thought there isn’t any reason why friends couldn’t do those things anyway.. why set those activities aside for dating? I’ve dated very few times in my life and I don’t regret that for a second. What I do regret is not letting someone know I really liked them, only to find out later they also liked me too. I found out when she was moving away. This i regret. Moving on. I did the one night stand thing that turned into mutual repeated one night stands. It worked out great, until we both really cared for eachother as we spend so much time together.. even though it was supposed to be a .. one night stand. There were rules on that relationship, my heart was broken when that relationship ended because we got to close. I almost got married once, circumstances were complicated in that one, but it was for the best of us to leave. We had met through her family members who were friends of mine thinking I was seeing the wrong gal or me. They were right. I finally decided to try POF.. and after the typical stuff, i almost gave up. I decided to talk with a woman who was already seeing someone and we were each other’s ears and sounding boards. We became friends at a distance. Many months later after she was single again (after finding a boyfriend for a while), I finally got the courage to ask her if she’d like to meet me in person. By then, we knew a lot about each other because there was no real thought or even care to seek romance in eachother, it was strange, but good. She live one state away and she was quite a bit younger than me, me being 29 and her being 19, but it was fine. I picked her up in my little Toyota dolphin RV after her friend met up with us. We stayed a weekend out at the lake by my house and we just about burned down the dolphin from all the sparks going off. We became a couple that lasted for probably more than a year, but she was in college a state away, so it was hard to see her all the time. I wished I would have found a way to move to where she was, but I guess that’s how it goes.

    It has been a few years and I am still single. I haven’t been looking, but I have been thinking about it a lot more lately. My focus lately has been work and downsizing from a big RV to a small one and selling my minivan, which I already did. I want to get back into shape as I now have a big belly and can intimidate other males with my shear sit-on-and-kill capabilities. I have my bike and a just acquired shuttle bus to be converted to an RV. What’s next for me? I don’t know. But I have avoided POF and other dating sites for no particular reason other than I feel people are desperate to find someone. I would like to meet a woman who enjoys life’s simple things. My tactic will be to simply be a friend and see where it goes. It worked for me once already. I think it’s different for woman because guys are always trying to get at woman. Woman can be friends with guys, but guys are programmed to spread their seed or something. It’s pathetic.

    Life is complicated enough. I wish you well on your adventures, and you have a new subscriber.

    1. Rayvin Nyte

      Thank you for sharing your story Nick. I wish for you true love with someone not perfect but perfect for you, and who loves RVs. 🙂

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