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Rayvin Dropped 150 Pounds Then This Happened

How I dropped 150 pounds, gained back 30 and how I am going to release the 20 unwanted ones.

I have been on a journey and struggle with weight all of my adult life. I didn’t let it stop me from doing most things I wanted to do but it DID slow me down and make some things impossible and humiliating. In 2010 I felt pain in my heart and knew I was going to die if this didn’t change. I had tried fad diets, vegetarianism, raw veganism, a personal trainer and more. I ate pretty healthy but just like now not often enough and not always the right things. So I needed help, So I decided to have RNY gastric bypass surgery. May date was March 15, 2011.

Before and Afrer face

Many life changes go along with that surgery including a turmoil of hormonal changes and emotional changes. You don’t change the mindset of a fat girl simply by weight loss alone. The sadness doesn’t simply disappear it just gets masked. Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m a very happy positive upbeat person especially publicly. I do however have a vulnerable side and I can be easily hurt. Luckily I never stay down for long. Relationships are often effected by these life changes as well as partners change.

People see me as the image I project but at the core is a woman who longs to share a more intimate side with just the right man. One who won’t judge, won’t run and who even if he doesn’t understand will be there and listen. Since that isn’t happening I will focus on other areas of my life and I will not let myself fall into a lonely depression and I will not get more cats!

Before and After

I have dropped 150 pounds and then after a couple of failed relationships re-gained 30 pounds. The first 10 was my body finding it’s comfort zone and was fine. but the next 20 was me not eating enough or often enough and putting my body into starvation mode so my metabolize stowed right down and it holds on to any calories I eat. So yes I have gained weight by NOT eating enough food. Also by feeling sad and opting for something quick and processed. Sure I’m not eating much but if I choose a microwave pizza pocket with extra cheese (yes just one sometimes only half) I’m getting no real nutrition. So I could eat A LOT more food and lose weight if I was eating healthier. I can’t eat large amounts so I need to eat more often, that too will help to reboot my metabolism. (I actually hate pizza pockets now but that was one of my go to foods last year.)

I refuse to go back to being obese. I am now four years post-op and it’s time for me to release that extra 20 pounds that are not in my comfort zone. Spring is here and its time. The first step for me was to admit to myself it’s time to reevaluate. So I am writing this for myself. but I have decided to share it with those who have been following my journey, with those who have wanted to see me fail, with those who have supported be, with those who have said I was an inspiration for them. Just know surgery is a tool to help you but you still have to do the work, do the healing and make the right choices.

So please feel free to ask me how I’m doing with me next stage of weight loss… I won’t want to let you or me down so it will help to keep me accountable. If you need advice or suggestions with the things I have been successful with as always I’m here and not afraid to answer questions. I hope to post some videos of recipes and such that are helpful so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (plug).

Before and After

I’m starting by posting this blog post. Then over this weekend I am cleaning out my refrigerator and cupboards. I’m going to make new brew of Kombucha tea as those natural probiotics are very helpful. I’m going to skim through my healthy food boards on Pinterest so I can get some inspiration. I’m also going to do a bit more research on boosting your metabolism as I know that mine is lethargic. I’m going to get back into the habit of taking all my vitamins every day . I already surround myself with awesome people so I’m keeping with that. THEN comes the E-word… yep Exercise!! I already dance every week I’m going to do more of it even if it’s just at home. Time to wipe the dust off those belly dance DVDs I have bought. (after I find them). I’m also going to add Yoga and some walking. My dogs will love that one too. I don’t know about weight training right away as I’m pretty sure I would need some help with that no idea what I’m doing there.

So there it is a solid plan to release this extra 20 pounds. I’m not in a huge rush as I’m not that uncomfortable where I am at now. It’s still 120 pounds less than where I started but if I stay here I will slowly creep up and that is not an acceptable option. Therefore my goal will be one pound a week for 20 weeks starting Friday April 3, 2015 bringing me to Friday August 21, 2015. Then maintaining after that.
Yes it will be challenging but my health and life depend on it. Somehow in this process I hope to figure out how to sleep better as well. Another life long struggle I have had. Luckily I deal with it fairly well most of the time.

*UPDATE Feb 29, 2016*
Currently I’m doing the Ketogenic diet. I dropped 7lbs the first 2 weeks and now on week 4 with no further change but I have very little hunger and almost no carb cravings so I’ll stick with it for now and see how it goes.

Wish me success! Here I go!!

✿ Rayvin Nyte ✿
Enchanting & Enhancing Your Life!

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  1. Denise

    Thanks for sharing good luck I’m going to the same thing starting soon

  2. Kristie

    A great metabolism speed up is coconut oil helps with digestion as well google it hope it helps and great job

  3. Candy

    Great post Rayvin. All the best to your losing those unwanted pounds.

  4. Gerald Bailey (1st. COUSIN)

    Rayvin/Rhonda, I am so proud of you and know you can do anything. All one has to do is convince themselves that they can do it. Obviously there is no shame trying again if it doesnt work. Most often than not, our failures teach us how to succeed. You have already succeeded, so this is a little reminder for you to keep doing it. What many people don’t understand, is eating and gaining weight is physiological and psychological disorder. Its twice as hard to get through it. I have great faith in you and I’m happy for you. I really appreciate all your positive comments and attitude.

  5. Tina

    You are beautiful inside and out, Rayvin, and I know you will accomplish this!!! I’m here if need anything!!



  6. Anne Marie Greymoon

    Walking briskly for 20 min./day + cutting all sugar out will lift your mood and I have dropped 20 lbs in one month doing only that, as a difference. Hang in there and, above all, be happy! ie: Do what makes you happiest, as much as possible! Your brain is a powerful tool for change and thinking positive + walking daily…you’d be surprised how much that will help!

  7. Cathy C

    Hi I can totally relate to what you are planning on doing. I weigh almost 170, I had the sleeve 2 plus years ago,and have not arrived at my goal yet. I did lose 77 pounds though. My goal is 140, so I need to lose 30 pounds. I am hoping to reach my goal by the summertime.

  8. Terry Bailey

    Rayvin I wish you much sucess in whatever to do. Keeping off the pounds is so difficult. When I was under 35 years old I couldn’t gain an once but now I can’t keep it off. I should be 190 but I’m constantly over 240. Life is stressful but I’m like you Rayvin I won’t let it get depressed me down. Being positive is my nature. I’m cheering you on and won’t forget. Keep up keeping on!

    1. Terry Bailey

      Forgive me for the bad gramar. Trying to type on an iphone is difficult. I hope you get the jist of my previous message.

  9. robert shetlor

    No worries Rayvin nyte. you are a strong willed women. if its in your head to succeed at this, then it will happen. I believe you can do this. I wish you success and a happy healthy life.

  10. Cheryl G.

    Rayvin, I wish you all the best on your journey back to optimum health! I had RNY 10 yrs ago this April 21st but never made it to my goal weight for various reasons! I will turn 50 next year and have made up my mind that I WILL NOT BE FAT’N 50! So watch out world – HERE COMES CHERYL!!!!

  11. Chantal

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  12. Karen

    good luck….it is inspiring what you wrote and how you shared your feelings. It’s great to see the support you are getting. It’s will be hard work but you’ll succeed!!

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