Sudbury News – Circus coming to Sudbury

FREE Circus tickets came across my desk today.  I thought “I wish I could take my kids to a circus.” I’ve taken them once when they were very little and I was devastated by the sickly animals that looked in pain.   So I vowed never to take them to a circus with animals again. In fact I’ve even protested agaist the use of animals in circuses.

Whenever a circus comes to town I make a phone call. “Hello, are there animals in your circus? Oh I’m sorry I can’t support it.”  So this year the same thing.  After Googling the name I was able to find a phone number and to my delight the response was “This is an animal free Circus!!!”   I was so excited!  Kids we are going to the circus!

That's me on the far left.
That's me on the far left.

Sudbury News – Circus coming to Sudbury.

Circus coming to Sudbury

Date Published | May 6, 2009

Posted by Sudbury Northern Life

Circus Garden (Formerly Garden Bros. Circus) will hit the Sudbury Arena May 12, treating audiences to a mix of old and new.

For the first time, no animals will be used in the performance. The show will include a motorcycle on a high-wire, five mortorcycles in a death-defying “Ball of Doom,” gravity-defying acrobatics and the ever popular “wheel of destiny.”

The brand new show, dubbed as “Cirque meets the streets,” has a whole new style.

The show has been billed as “Largest Three Ring Circus in Canada” for more than 70 years and has adapted many acts to please modern day audiences. In moving away from the traditional “lions, tigers and bears,” Circus Garden is showing there is more to the exhibition than elephant rides or a “dog and pony” show.

Zoom Street is a heart pounding, non-stop thrill ride of death defying acts, all bound together with the “Zoom-Street dance crew” and the sounds of D.J. Danny Zoom.
For tickets, phone the Sudbury Arena box office at 671-3000.

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