The Master Cleanser

One good way to jump start your health and get rid of extra cravings is to start with a detox. There are many different ones out there and some that have pills and such that get you going. But one tried and true detox is called “The Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs. This detox has been used since the 1940s and was first published in 1976 and is still popular today. Singer Beyoncè made her use of the Master Cleanser public in 2006.

Here you are going to get to here the thoughts of two friends who are starting the Cleanse together. 20 something year old male Georges and 30 something year old Rayvin.

Drink 6-12 glasses of the lemonade and as much water as you want.

To make the infamous lemonade drink, simply follow these instructions:

2 Tablespoons lemon juice or lime juice
2 Tablespoons real maple syrup
1/10 Teaspoon cayenne pepper
8-10 oz water

Here’s a great conversion chart

I usually mix up a whole day’s worth at once.

20 Tablespoons =10 oz = 1.25 cups lemon juice or lime juice
20 Tablespoons
=10 oz = 1.25 cups real maple syrup
1 Teaspoon cayenne pepper
80 oz = 10 cups = 2.4 liters water (up to 20% more water is ok)

Or for a smaller amount:

  • 60 ounces (7.5 cups) of filtered or spring water
  • 12 Tablespoons = 6 ounces = 3/4 cup of organic grade B maple syrup
  • 12 Tablespoons = 6 ounces = 3/4 cup of organic lemon juice
  • 1/2 Teaspoon cayenne pepper powder

Each morning you do the salt water flush.

1 quart (4 cups) of luke-warm water with 2 teaspoons of unionized sea salt.

Then stay close to the washroom for the next hour or two.

Drink a herbal laxative tea at night.

To Your Health
Rayvin Nyte

Medical Disclaimer: The information is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for a health care provider’s consultation.


MAY 1, 2008 – DAY 1

Well written Rayvin!

I’m on day two and things are not that bad. Last night was tough because my friend Donna purchased snacks for our get together (she’s such a sweetheart) and I’m a night muncher. This time it was weird not eating at night or before bed. Around Easter I was eating a whole chocolate bunny each night.

On that note, I find my relationship with Donna had deepened because we were not eating. We were not busy putting anything in our mouth so we could be completely open-minded and focused on our conversation. Food often distracts me because when I start craving sugar or flour “I gotta get my fix” and “one (piece) is never enough”

It was a real challenge for me to not give in to temptation for anything, even sugar free gum. I know that if I allowed myself gum, I’d slowly start to allow myself crystal light and other things that are low-calorie (which is full of chemicals and will not benefit my cleanse.)

I’m not worried about today as much as I am worried about tomorrow. I don’t have to work during the weekend so I need to find other activities to keep me occupied. My best friend is coming from North Bay tonight to spend the weekend with me. I’m hoping to go bowling.

I’ve been drinking a lot of water and I totally feel better even after a day. My head feels clearer and have noticed more moisture on my face. My skin feels hydrated. I have noticed some new zits, but that’s just my skin cleaning itself out.
I do find that my breath stinks, but I floss and brush my teeth to take away the smell. my teeth also stick together and my tongue is coated with some gunk. Gross I know..

I had to do a presentation this morning so instead of doing the salt flush I had a cup of laxative tea instead. I had waken up at 5 am but it was too early lol. Tomorrow I’ll do the salt water flush!

I’m planning on seeing a movie tonight with my best friend. Movies are not the same without popcorn lol. But I’m gonna see it without popcorn! I’ll be sipping my lemonade and watching prom night. I hope its not too gory cuz if I throw up, the acidic lemon and spicy cayenne will ruin my throat.

I’m also taking this time to acknowledge Rayvin for her brilliant thinking about this online blog. I really hope our experience, strength and openess help other become well.

Therefore in conclusion (for now) I raise a glass of lemonade to your health! Cheers!



May 1, 2008 – DAY 1

This day was a late start for me because I was going to wait until tomorrow to start but decided I better start today since my stomach was upset and I didn’t want to eat at the potluck tonight and feel worse. So I went out and bought my supplies. No salt water flush. No hunger either.



May 2, 2008 – DAY 2

It’s 3:30 and I’m feeling a low in energy. I’m disgusted by my teeth and it feels like i have gum stuck underneath them. It’s so gross.

I’m tempted everywhere from that basket of candy at the front desk to apples in the office fridge.

I start to think to myself “after this fast is done, what would I like to eat?”

My cravings still have not reduced yet. I think I’m gonna go brush my teeth. I’m glad I don’t have to go to the gym tonight. I’m feeling weak. I hope I don’t fall asleep during the movie.

Will keep you updated.



May 2, 2008 – DAY 2

Well we ended up at the same movie! Rob and I had planned to be at a different one and we were late so we decided to go to the same one and there was Georges and his friend! I guess we were late for a reason!

Today I woke with a headache now later in the evening it’s not as bad. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I’m dehydrating banana chips. Yummy they look good. I’ll seal some up for after the Cleanse and my family will eat the rest. I’m going to have a bunch of healthy snacks ready to go. I find being on a Cleanse a good time to seek out healthy recipes. So like Georges says you can think about what you’ll eat after. As long as you are thinking healthy it’s a good thing! Time for my herbal laxative tea. Which actually tastes pretty good.



May 3, 2008 – DAY 3

Today I really felt great all day. I had all the energy I needed and I didn’t feel hungry at all. I did my saltwater flush this morning. I didn’t finish my tea last night though, I brought it to bed and it was too hot so as I was waiting for it to cool I fell asleep. My headache is gone. I have been feeling cold. I took a hot bath that helped. But now I’m cold again. I added a lot of cayenne in my drink WoW it’s HOT but I actually like this lemonade! I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll make it to the end of the 10 days. Did I mention I’m down 3 pounds!



May 4, 2008 – DAY 4!

Hey I’m on day four which means I haven’t had solid food in 4 days. The last time I cleansed I gave up on day 3.

I must have had only one glass of lemonade yesterday. I was so busy shopping! Found these great pair of shoes too. I wasn’t hungry at all. I drank a lot of water tho.

My urine and my bowls are yellow yellow yellow.

I’ve been having a really good conversation with my mom a about this cleanse. Although she doesn’t really support me not eating, (NOTE: I spent a summer in an eating disorder’s clinic, I am living with anorexia and bulimia. So not eating might sound to her like I’m relapsing back in my obsessive ways… I KNOW THIS IS SIMPLY SPIRITUAL.)

I had a lot of energy last night. I went to the bar and we danced and danced and danced. It was mad! Today my friend is leaving at 1:30 and thats okay. I’ll be going to the gym afterwards. I have joined the YMCA and will be tracking my body shaping regime from there. Last June 1st I was 241 lbs. This year on May 1st I was 215. I want to see where I’ll be in a month. So you can say I’m hustling at the gym!

Today I’m going to take pictures with my best friend outside. It is such a beautiful day. I guess the trick to this cleansing is not to be home all the time. When you’re home it is much easier to get to the refrigerator.

Congrats Rayvin on your weight loss! I’m proud of both of us and am excited to learn more about your food dehydrator. Thank you for your sharing.



May 4, 2008 – DAY 4 – PM

Thank you to all of those who support me. It takes a lot of courage for people to accept the responsibility of changing their lives.

Today wasn’t bad at all. I actually brought my lemonade to the gym and at first I was really self conscious. “What are people going to think seeing me drink this orange drink” and then when I noticed that people pay attention to their own workout, I was like “do your own thing Georges.”

I was so busy this morning that I forgot the salt water flush. I did it tonight for “supper” lol. I doubled the salt this time because 1 tbs doesn’t do the trick for me. But this time… HOLAY POOP!!!

IT BURNED!!! I pooped like 10 times all ready and I don’t think I’m done either.

I thought I needed to fart… but it was a false alarm…SO NOTE TO YOU: If you feel like you need to fart, get your butt on that toilet seat cuz you’re gonna have the runs! (Yes, I had diarrhea and no I wasn’t on the toilet seat and ready for it. This is when I thank my mom for teaching me that cold water and soap will do the trick.)

Will write more tomorrow on Day 5.

Brightest Blessings!



May 5, 2008 DAY 5

Wow Georges we are half way there. I have to say I’m really feeling great. I have more energy this week then I had last week. I also had more energy then I had last time I did the call. I’m also less hungry. I think because I’m drinking a lot more. George I’m glad you drank more lemonade yesterday. It’s important that people know if you are going to do this right then you really need to drink at least 6 glasses a day.

Also we wanted to point out to people this detox can be a bit pricey. Where we live it costs $1.00 each for organic lemons and the syrup I buy costs $20. I’ll need 2 of them to get through the 10 days. Then there’ the other items, water, cayenne pepper, sea salt and tea. But I guess since we aren’t eating anything else it’s not that bad.

I’m very proud of you Georges for sticking with it! We’re really jump starting the next phase in our healthy lifestyles.

To Our Health


May 5, 2008 DAY 5

I am feeling great too and am not that hungry. I do notice that my mind wanders to my stomach for solutions when I’m bored. This cleanse has also given me the chance to look at the other areas in my life that need a little “boost”.

I have been spending a lot more time with friends lately instead of at home. I’m more active and run 3 km a day. I must add that if I feel “low” periods, it may be because what I am doing is not as stimulating as it seemed when masked with food.

And we have officially hit the half point.
I weighed myself on May 1st, which was day 1 for us and I weighed in at 215 lbs. This morning I weighed myself and I weighed in at 207!!!

My goal is to get to 180 by the end of this summer. A new balanced eating lifestyle of RAW foods combined with an active physical well being will help me get there. I am currently working with a personal trainer too. His name is Rob and he works for the YMCA. The lowest I remember ever being is 205 lbs.

I am going to celebrate when I leave the 200 mark. EVERYONE INVITED!

I think a good trick is to make a “survival list”. On this list you would write everything you’d like to do and have to do (it can be a to-do list too) so when you want to give in to food and not the lemonade (because lets face it, it can only fill you up for so long, and the taste doesn’t change lol) you can do these things.

Yesterday I called my mom. It’s been at least a week since I’ve talked to her on the phone.

I am on my way now to the gym and then will go for a walk with my friend Brian. I want to add that it is important to keep your lemonade fresh. I had some leftover in a plastic bottle and it fizzed up. When I took a sip it tasted like beer. EWW! Rayvin suggests that every batch should be brewed freshly in the morning. No one I know drinks day old coffee!
Almost there Rayvin!
DAY 7!! Wooot Woot!
What a great journey this has been. I have lost 10 lbs since May 1st (and do acknowlege that some of it is water weight). I also want to mention that I’m not in this only for the weight loss benefit. I am reclaiming my health. When I was younger I didn’t have much say into what I ate and as a College student I didn’t always make the best healthy choices. (on a budget, you eat a lot of junk!) I AM RECLAIMING MY HEALTH. At some point in my life I have to take responsibility for my body.

What I really like about this cleanse is that it is so simple to make. It took me 3 mintues this morning to make my daily supply.

I do miss Apples sooo much. Nice juicy green apples. I can’t wait to go home next week and have some homemade fruit slad. I will need to do a salt water flush tonight.

Will keep you posted.



May 7, 2008 – DAY 7

Congrats on the 10lbs Georges that’s awesome. I’ve not been on a scale for a couple days. And you are so right this is not about just weight-loss it’s a great jump start to health living!
Day 6 was uneventful but I did notice certain triggers for wanting to snack. So I’ll have to remember to have lots of healthy snacks available at those times. I felt great. I ran out of gas when I was on my way to a Board meeting and I still was the first to arrive. lol

Today however was packed full of events. The kids missed the school bus so as I was driving them to school I realized they had eye doctor appointments. So I didn’t get a chance to do the SWF today. I’ll do it tomorrow 🙂 Anyway I found out this morning that my hot water take broke! And it was flooding all over my basement and I couldn’t turn it off. That was at about 10 am and by 1:00 pm I remembered I had a contact in the company that I rent the tank from. So I called him and by 4:00 someone came and shut off the water and by 9:00 pm the new tank was in! Whoo hoo. I must admit I was really wanting to munch on something dealing with all that! But I just drank my lemonade! I’m even feeding my family during all of this. I’m feeling great I have lots of energy, much more then the last time I did this. I must be less toxic. The only part I don’t like is the after effects of the salt water flush. TIP: Have a container of Vaseline by the toilet. Pooping out salt water and lemon and cayenne pepper can be harsh on the bottom. I don’t think I need to explain what to do with it.

I know what you mean Geroges I’m able to whip up a days batch in a jiffy. the thing that takes the longest is pealing to lemons. But my VitaMix blend it all up in 30 seconds! Tomorrow is day 8. I love the number 8!


May 10, 2008 – DAY 10!!!!

Yippy day 10 is finally here! I know I could go longer but I want to eat! So I’m done after today. Tomorrow is the Orange juice day. I bought my oranges. I couldn’t find organic. So these will have to do. yesturday I cheated I had a teaspoon of peanut butter! It’s not easy cooking for other people when you aren’t eating. And try grocery shopping. lol I’m going to drink the OJ most of the day but I’ll be eating dinner. I’m not sure what yet. I will be eating a lot more raw food but not 100%, though I will remain 100% Vegetarian. I’ve had a lot of energy the past couple days! It’s great!



Congrats on making it to day 10 Rayvin. I stopped at day 8. I have learned a lot abot myself during this past week and acknowledge my successes. I WAS ABLE TO GO SEE A MOVIE WITHOUT BINGING ON POPCORN. I have noticed that some of the waterweight has come back. but again, I tell myself: this isnt about weight loss.

I am also letting people know to stock up on the maple syrop. I was slacking these past days and because I had no maple syrop, I quit. It’s also hard for me who dosent have a vehicule.

I did go today to the grocery store to buy organic lemons.

I’m thinking I will be able to follow it if I take the cayenne capsles. It was getting hard for me to drink. The taste gets gross after a while. you’re supposed to but 1/10th of a tablespoon of cayenne for two tablespoons of lemon juice. if you multiply the lemon, you gotta multiply the cayenne. Maybe I’m wrong.

I just couldnt handle it anymore. Everyone around me eating the stuff I love.

My friend Brett did warn me not to “over do it” when I started eating again. And I didnt really listen to him. I was also working this weekend and it was hard to pass up all this free cake and muffins.

I will take from this the SWF. Whenever I feel I need a good cleanse, I’ll take that. I also like the laxative teas. They are pretty good.

I hope you enjoy the orange juice tomorrow.

To all your health!


P.S. Next time you want to do this, let me know. I’m on board. But I think I’ll take the cayenne capsules instead.

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  1. Rob Nyte

    wow! I’m so proud of you two! And how weird was that last night when we ran into each other at the movies. We didn’t know George was going to the theatre too. we bumped into him in the popcorn line.

    No, no, the popcorn wasn’t for George or for Rayvin. It was for George’s friend and for me, Rayvin’s man.

    Anyways, keep it up!

    Love Rob

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  7. Chriss

    Hi Rayvin!
    This is Chriss from dance class. I started the master cleanse today (and also took the day off to ease into it) I kind of jumbled up things a little bit but I’m not quiting! lol. This morning I did my lemonade and went off to the health food store in the mall to see if I could find some cayenne pepper capsules, which I did and was very very happy and I also picked up some sea salt aswell. (do I have a story for you with the seasalt)

    On my way back from the store, I was incredibly tempted by the food court so I ended up breaking my cleanse and grabbing some KFC and! I picked up chocolate from laura secord…how bad is that right? Well (this is the sea salt story) I felt extremely guilty when I got home so I decided that it was time to purge some stuff out of my body and I did the “quart” of seasalt at about 3:45. I just realized that my quart of water was actually a pint… (because I’m french, I have a hard time with messuring terms and things like that) and my 2 teaspoons were in fact 2 table spoons -_- Nothing has happened yet, but I am a little bit scared of what might happen. I’ll keep you posted about how everything is going. Talk to you soon.

    How are things with your juice feast?

  8. admin

    Hi Chris,

    I guess you just weren’t ready to start. You have to be ready and determined in order to make it. So try again when you feel ready 1 quart is = to 2 pints or 32 oz or 1 liter. 2 tbs in 1 pint must have tasted really bad!! Not likely too much will happen with that. I do have a cure for the KFC cravings. It’s not pretty.
    * WARNING* Very Graphic!


  9. the master cleanse is really very effective in detoxifying the body. it also provides you with Vitamin-C which is a very good antioxidant.

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    1. Rayvin Nyte

      Thanks for the info. I’ve made some changes I hope its ok now.

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