Who’s Greener??

A vegan driving an SUV or a meat-eater driving an Eco-car?
I don’t even want to eat the “fake” meanĀ  ick!!
I’ll stick to being a Vegan, thank you!

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  1. Chiropractor Kanata

    There are several different very complex issues here. However, Peta’s idea of “creating” synthetic man made beef has got to be on of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. Does Peta realize that this idea would cause serious harm to another of Earth’s animals: man?

    1. Manar

      thanks for the ideas tabitha! and great point about heahtly. for me, i think it’s all about giving people choices not so much eat this, do that ; rather, here are a bunch of ways you can make responsible choices, and then choosing what works for you. i’d like to focus on things that are irrefutably heahtly how leafy greens and walking both fall into that category obviously you can drill down even further.i’ll guess i’ll see how specific i want to get as i go! thanks again!

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